Top 5 Energy Saving Charcoal Stoves in Uganda

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There are several Types of Energy Saving Stoves in Uganda, whether you're looking for locally made stoves and ovens in Uganda or imported charcoal stoves, you'll find a variety depending on your need, price, size and quality.

Here is the list of Top 5 energy saving charcoal stoves in Uganda

Several youth groups in Uganda have taken advantage of the entrepreneurship eco system with several funding opportunities from government and its partners like GIZ to create innovative energy saving cooking technologies spanning from Mama Stoves,  charcoal stoves for both domestic and commercial purposes, briquettes stoves, improved and smokeless firewood stoves and may other multi fuel stoves to fill the gap in the energy industry that has been created by the deteriorating tree cover that is alarmingly increasing. 

Pressure Stoves in Uganda have also gained momentum as more need for energy efficiency in stoves driven by a spikes in charcoal prices increases.

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  1. There is a new industrial panda cooker which is highly efficient

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