Masrcorp Solar Stove construction Training project implemented by GODFA, funded by VI Agroforestry

At Masrcorp, we have taken it upon our selves to positively impact lives of countless people by delivering energy solutions at low prices through strategic
partnerships with numerous organisations including training of farmers and refugees.

We believe that having good partnerships translates into great service delivery, quality assurance and accountability. At Masrcorp, our promise of “delivering reliable and affordable energy solutions” has never faded

The climate smart cooking for women and youth livelihoods is designed to contribute to increased environmental protection in Gomba districts through the uptake and utilization of solar powered cook stove technology. This will be attained through:-

  • Creating new employment opportunities to the most vulnerable section of society (Women& Youth).
  • Contributing to poverty reduction.
  • Reducing rural-urban migration amongst youths and improve standards of living for both women and the youth.
  • Lowering the prevalence of smoke-related respiratory and optical diseases amongst women and the children,
  • Reducing on the immense pressures against the forest natural resource for fuel wood.

The training of Farmers to construct solar powered cook stoves using locally available materials will certainly have a huge impact on the environmental conservation efforts and job creation for many of the youth farmers and women

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