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Masrcorp introduces two new Budget mama stove series this women’s day 2022

Mama stove womens day budget series launch

Masrcorp introduces two new Budget Mama Stove series this Women’s Day

Under this year’s theme

Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”, recognizing the contribution of women and girls around the world, who are leading the charge on climate change adaptation, mitigation, and response, to build a more sustainable future for all.”

Masrcorp introduces two new Budget mama stove series this women’s day:  The multi fuel  briquettes / firewood mama stove and the volcanic rocks express Mama stove series designed by the girls wing of Masrcorp to recognize and respond to the environmental and health challenges faced by women when cooking for their families. (Express Mama stove on the right)


The budget mama series joins Masrcorp’s stove portfolio offering affordable, clean, eco friendly and smokeless experience for every woman struggling to feed their family and facing the rising cost of charcoal plus inefficient stoves.

The all new Masrcorp’s budget series of the top-rated mama stove ranges are designed to tackle the climate crisis, drive economic and environmental justice and bring closer the anticipated goals of vision 2040 and bridge the Gender Based Violence gap. With proven increases in efficiency and reduction of emissions, the Mama stove is an economical and safe cooking alternative for homes and small businesses using traditional 3 stone and inefficient cook stoves.


Equipped with a USB Powered air system, the Express Mama stove delivers exceptional eco-performance. This air system supports the volcanic rocks to burn longer, when mixed with little briquettes or pellets or charcoal fines (Lusenyente) bringing down the cooking expenses by 60% and supporting faster lighting and lighting time for the stove.
The express mama stove is manufactured in Uganda with the highest quality standards boasting of upto 10 years lifespan. It has a ceramic mold, mild steel frames and heavy-duty top support ring.

Cook using your phone, Power bank or Solar kit.

The usb powered air system can be connected to any device with usb output that you already possess, saving you from buying additional power source like a solar system. This makes the express mama a very affordable stove that can be used anywhere for any delicacy.

70% fuel saving

when used with Volcanic rocks. Volcanic Rocks retain heat for longer and deliver more fuel saving when mixed with briquettes.

Up to 5 Time Faster

Express mama stove lights faster and saves cooking time supported by the USB powered air system, giving you shorter cooking time

Eco friendly, Less Emissions

The Volcanic rocks used on  express mama Stove emit zero greenhouse gases. Its clean and easy to use both indoor and outdoor


This budget series uses a variety of solid biomass fuels including firewood, charcoal, pellets and briquettes. It’s the most affordable, durable and cost-effective way of cooking especially for the poorest of rural women and girls who are victims of Gender Based Violence  as they travel distances in search for firewood.

The Express Mama stoves costs only UGX 190,000 ($49)  while the Multi fuel Mama Stove costs only UGX 80,000 ($22)

Both the Budget Mama stoves ranges are made locally in Uganda using quality Ugandan materials. They are manufactured by Masrcorp Limited, a social enterprise founded in 2016 with an aim of transforming living and working conditions of families and businesses through extension of clean cooking technologies that preserve  our environment and local food culture.

Masrcorp is Located in Kira, Sserwanga Musoke Rd, next to kira magistrate court.

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  1. Beatrice says:

    How much is the fire wood stove?


    Good Afternoon,

    I need a 2 stove ie firewood and Charcoal with a chimney.

    How much does it cost?


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