Our high performance institutional solar ided stoves consist of the following components

01. The Air System

The air system is responsible for the increased combustion efficiency of the stove. It consists of an exhaust fan, Fan controllers and fan grill guard, switching components and optional backup power supply unit for users that are connected to the grid.This simple to use but powerful air control system is responsible for upto 70% firewood savings.

The Fans are protected by a stainless-steel guard grill that maintains it is a good condition and prevents direct accidental contact with anything.



Exhaust Fan

Produces air into the fire chamber

Fan Controller

Controls the speed of the fan

Switching Unit

Controls power to the air system unit

Optional Power supply unit

Used to backup the solar as a secondary power source, for continuity

Fan Guard Grill mesh

Protects the exhaust fans


02. The Re-usable Magma Rocks

The magma rocks, placed on a heavy iron grate above the firewood ensure that the stove uses up to 70% less firewood compared to ordinary stoves. These volcanic rocks do so by amplifying the heat (fire) from firewood under regulated forced air pressure from the air system.

The pressure and fire work as catalysts that cause the special reusable rocks to burn for longer, supplementing the fire from firewood.

These Re-usable Magma rocks take time use and light over 3 months before they diminish in size and become unusable

03. The solar system

The solar system with a solar panel that is placed at an optimal position on the roof. The solar panel charges the solar battery through a charge controller (regulator). The battery, housed/caged at a safe place in the kitchen, powers the air system throughout the day and night or whenever stone usage is required.  The solar system may also be used to power extra lights and support phone charging to ease livelihood for the cooks.



Solar Panel

Charges the Battery

Solar Battery

Stores charge to be used by the air system

Charge controller

Protects the battery and Solar Panel


institutional improved cook Stoves kitchens

"The most efficient institutional improved cook stove on the market"

1. Smokeless

Carefully Designed to Improves the indoor air quality, reducing the prevalence of respiratory diseases in the kitchens.

2. Saves Money

Reduces firewood consumption by around 75%, representing significant financial savings of more than UGX 3M per year.

3. Perfect for the Environment

The firewood savings from a single stove will result in a reduction of approximately 80 tons of CO2 per year thereby helping to mitigate the global climate crisis.

4. Clean and Cooks Fast

Built with state of the art air flow system, or stoves cook fast or as desired. They are easy to clean and keep the general kitchen tidy.


5.5 Times More speed, 70% More Firewood Saving. It's Never Too late to start saving


Schools, Hotels and community organizations


Ha of Tree cover saved annually


Tons of CO2 Reduced Every Year

SH 5B+

Potential combined Savings by users annually

Masrcorp Institutional stove is by Far

The most Advanced Local Stove for Schools & Facories

Masrcorp Institutional solar Aided stoves are designed and locally manufactured in Uganda using ISO Certified materials for durability and robustness.  Designed and built to achieve efficient fuel combustion at a high temperature through an advanced air flow system supported by solar powered adjustable fans that control use of fuel, complete combustion, and the efficient use of the resultant heat.

Masrcorp stove energy saving stoves uganda demo1

by Masaba Ivan– CEO

reducing your carbon footprint is our Number one Priority

This is why you need an institutional stove

Cusomised for any Size, Any capacity and any task

Our institutional improved solar aided cook stoves are built to handle all sorts of saucepan size as desired.


Built with a wide range of finishing materials to chose from

Depending on your desired theme, A wide choice of ceramic tiles, clay tiles, half bricks, terrazzo or granite based finishing that matches your taste


Multi fuel with no limits to what you can cook and when

Whether you want to use carbonized Briquettes, pellets, charcoal, charcoal fines or firewood, there is a customized stove right for your biomass fuel


Masrcorp institutional stove BLOWS all other biomass stoves out of the kitchen

With unrivalled cleanliness, fuel saving, Reduced smoke, simplicity and comfort in usage, there is no contender. 

Watch how masrcorp transformed the Uganda wildlife education center, ZOO kitchen.

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Join Many other schools, institutions, factories, restaurants and small businesses using masrcorp institutional stoves to make a difference in their everyday cooking needs

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