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How does Masrcorp’s Solar Eco Stove Work?

Planning to upgrade your kitchen with Masrcorp solar aided kitchens but wondering how Solar Eco Cook Stove Work

Masrcorp is the leading producer of premium solar aided eco stoves that use a combination of volcanic magma rocks and little charcoal (briquettes, charcoal particles) to cook. These kitchens are smoke free, modern and are intended to reduce your carbon footprint to save the planet.

The Solar Aided cook stove is a multipurpose stove that uses a combination of reusable volcanic rocks, charcoal or charcoal dust (olusenyete) and it is powered by the solar system which helps to power the inbuilt air system that runs forced air to the stones to increase the heat, light up and off the stove and you can regulate your desired fire intensity.

According to UBOS survey, 94% of the people in Uganda cook food using biomass fuels that is; charcoal and firewood. Masrcorp Solar, a Ugandan based renewable energy company dedicated to cleaner cooking technologies since 2015 has brought you Solar Aided Cook Stove that uses combination of reusable volcanic stones and charcoal dust. Today we schedule how Solar Eco Cook Stove Work.

Our aim is to reducing deforestation, implementing a smoke free cook stove that provides a clean environment

So how do volcanic rocks solar eco stoves work?

Before lighting a solar aided cook stove you should have the following;

  • Volcanic Rocks
  • Biomass (Charcoal particles, briquettes, charcoal dust)
  • Fire starters (match box, lighters, pine sticks etc)

When lighting up the stove you first place the volcanic rocks in the stove and add some little charcoal or charcoal dust in the stove and light up the normal way we light up the stove Using Fire starters (match box, lighters, pine sticks etc)

After lighting up the stove immediately turn on the air system to the maximum. This runs forced air to the stones thus increasing combustion. When the stove is ready you can regulate your desired fire intensity.


Advantages of using a solar aided cook stove

The stoves are;

  •  cost saving.
  •  smoke free.
  •  cooks very fast.
  •  clean.
  •  flexible to use.
  • You can regulate your desired fire intensity.

Masrcorp offers solar Aided kitchens at the lowest prices to help you save more with great value.

visit our page on for more information.

Watch Practically how easy it is to use the solar aided Eco stove kitchen

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3 thoughts on “How does Masrcorp’s Solar Eco Stove Work?

  1. Nviiri Geofrey says:

    Good technology,
    How can I access the volcanic rocks?


      I am very much interested in engaging with this kind of technology for the future and sustainable way of making life affordable in the Protected Areas of Bwindi-Mgahinga Conservation Area, especially in Mgahinga where the volcanic rock is in abundance.
      It would be a pleasure to learn the scientific method of making it possible for the rural poor to attain cheap and affordable methods of cooking without polluting the environment. Thank you so much 🙏🏿

      1. masrcorp says:

        Thank you Ben. We would love to get in touch with you and come up with a solution.

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