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Eco stove Uganda Prices Masrcorp solar Aided Kitchen Prices

The price of charcoal has more than doubled since the beginning of the year. A sack of charcoal costs 100,000/ up from 55,000/ in most markets (bibanda) and that’s where knowing Eco stove Uganda prices will enable you plan and budget accordingly

According to Uganda National Household Survey 2016/17, 94 percent of the households in Uganda use charcoal/firewood for cooking and 80.3% in Kampala use charcoal as source of fuel.

The Good news is that there is a smart solar aided eco stove kitchen that saves up 80% of charcoal usage by using re-usable magma rocks supported by a solar powered air system that enables the stove to achieve maximum efficiency.

Masrcorp clean energy based local kitchens use a combination of the abundantly available magma rocks at 70% and Biomass (briquettes, charcoal) at 30%. This combination is driven by a solar powered air system that pushes combustion air into it. The air system is mounted to a variable controller that regulates the desired fire intensity.

Owning a Masrcorp solar aided eco stove kitchen has tremendous benefits;

  • cost saving, save up to 80% charcoal usage
  • smoke free.
  • cooks very fast.
  • Clean & tidy. Makes the kitchen an enjoyable place
  • flexible to use, comes with different burner sizes and an optional grill oven
  • You can regulate your desired fire intensity.

The smart modern local Eco stove kitchen has gained ground and growing steadily since Masrcorp introduced it as a better alternative to the outdated ‘sigiri’ (charcoal stove).

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11 thoughts on “Eco stove Uganda Prices Masrcorp solar Aided Kitchen Prices

  1. Crispus says:

    I really Love this, my mum would be the most happy. how fire wood can suck plasma out of some one.

    1. masrcorp says:

      Thanks, Its really a great kitchen to have.

  2. Thks for that but l need it contact

    1. masrcorp says:

      Kindly contact us on 0773352263

  3. Kakuru John says:

    I have really appreciated such a great innovation, to my interest,I MUST work towards improving my mother’s kitchen with such an energy saving and smart kitchen. My regards to the inventor.

    1. masrcorp says:

      Thank you John

    2. Marale says:

      I Would like to know more

  4. Kakuru John says:

    Its such an interesting experience to cook using an eco solar kitchen, i would like to know the costs of installation per burner. Thanks


    I am a biomass technician, currently working with one of the traditional cook stove company in Uganda, international Lifeline Fund as a production officer, doubling as the acting manager since September 2019. Can there be any opportunity in the company as we are still expanding our career path by grabbing all that we can as I see many interesting innovations and I can share what I already have, be it training or any knowledge impact opportunity, even job opportunity.

  6. Nkurunziza innocent says:

    Indeed one

  7. Akol sam says:

    You have talked of 2,3 burner price what about single.

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