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Cooking with the Power of the Sun : A New Solar Aided Stove Installation at M-Lisada Passion Primary School

As access to clean and sustainable energy becomes more important for schools in Uganda, schools are adapting to clean energy in areas with and without access to electricity or modern cooking facilities. Masrcorp limited has recently installed a solar aided stove at M-Lisada passion primary school, providing a safe and efficient way to cook their meals.

Masrcorp institutional Solar Aided Stoves use a combination of re-usable magma rocks and Firewood to cook. This combination is driven by a solar powered Air system that supports the combustion and comes with control knobs that are adjusted to achieve desired fire intensity.

The stove is designed for easy use and maintenance, and is built from durable materials that can withstand the demands of daily use in a school setting. The staff were also trained on how to use the stove, including how to clean and maintain it properly.

Since the installation of the solar-aided stove, M-Lisada Passion primary school has seen a number of positive changes. The time and effort required to prepare meals has also been reduced. Additionally, the stove has a low environmental impact, helping to reduce the school’s carbon footprint.

The new stove has also had a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the school community. Cooking with traditional stoves or open fires can release harmful pollutants into the air, leading to respiratory issues and other health problems. The solar-aided stove, on the other hand, is smokeless, making it a safe and healthy way to cook food.

Looking to the future, the potential for this technology to improve access to safe and sustainable cooking resources is immense. The success of this project has inspired plans to expand the use of solar-aided stoves in other schools and communities, helping to provide a better quality of life for people.

In conclusion, Masrcorp solar-aided stoves provide a safe, efficient, and sustainable way for meal preparation. The impact on the school community has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the importance of investing in innovative and sustainable solutions to address challenges like energy poverty and climate change.

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New Solar Aided Stove Installation at M-Lisada Passion Primary School

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