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4 lies you’ve been told about UBL (Uganda Batteries Limited) Car Batteries.


5 lies you’ve been told about UBL (Uganda Batteries Limited) car Batteries.

Often I hear car owners in Uganda talk negatively, ‘most of them’ about (Uganda batteries Limited) UBL and Exide batteries. Let’s face it, UBL are by far the most common and certainly the bestselling automotive/car batteries in Uganda as of 2017. Founded by the legendary James Mulwana

They are also the first and still the only ‘Home manufactured’ batteries in Uganda. Check out Uganda Batteries Site.

I joined the battery business back in 2012 when I got a spot to work with Battery Plus limited, one of the Largest and most trusted Dealer in Automotive batteries in Uganda. At the time, we rocked with a brand of Batteries from Kenya, Chloride Exide and Our Own Uganda Batteries from Uganda. So let me debunk the 5 lies you’ve been told about UBL Batteries.

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So let me debunk the lies

1  UBL batteries have a warranty of one year. Wait, wat?

If you’ve owned a UBL battery, tried to get a replacement (under warranty) when the battery failed to work after 6+ months, went to UBL empty with pockets hopping your warranty will stand in for you! but woweee….., you are not alone!

UBL batteries actually don’t have a guarantee. They do however have a warranty of up to 6 months of free replacement when your battery ‘dies’ and thereafter, you are on your own.

On the other side of the semi-warranty chain, they do have something called pro-rata where you share the cost. This is the process you go through when your battery goes beyond 6 months from the date of purchase. For example UBL NS60 costs UGX 180,000 ‘When its issued a death certificate’ after 8 months (only if the failure is UBL’s making, u know what I mean), u will pay UGX 90,000. And how on earth is that a warranty?

2. UBL batteries don’t last more than a year – Wrong, they actually last more, probably

It’s a misconception held by many car owners and clients of UBL these days. Most of it is based on the fact that UBL its self only gives a warranty of 6 months.
Howerver many owners have had real life horror with the UBL batteries on several occasions under 1 year, so let me put them into consideration

The only reason you UBL battery wont last a year is basically forgetting to service em .UBL batteries need regular servicing – De-water Top UP and Terminal Cleaning
I know people who have used UBL batteries for 3 years, actually very many of them.

So before anyone tells you your UBL battery needs trashing, check the water levels and battery terminal status.

5 lies you’ve been told about UBL - Masrcorp solar

5 lies you’ve been told about UBL (Uganda Batteries Limited) Car Batteries.

3. Exide is better than UBL (blue Vs Red)!

Yeah, this one is has always caused havoc! u get into a battery shop asking for UBL and an Red ‘Exide’ labeled battery is brought to you claiming its UBL.
Its actually Legit. Exide is a brand of UBL and considered the higher efficiency performer compared to the blue labelled UBL battery.

4. When your battery ages/ dies-out, Pour out old acid, add new acid and you will be back on the road!….. Do you really believe that?

Let me not waste any effort on this one, it won’t ever work! It’s a propaganda by those self-made mechanics who have no idea how batteries function.<
There you have it UBL (uganda Batteries Limited) batteries aren’t that bad after all

If you have been using UBL batteries, please share your experience.

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3 thoughts on “4 lies you’ve been told about UBL (Uganda Batteries Limited) Car Batteries.

  1. Anton says:

    Thank you so much. This is explicit.

  2. Edward Katende says:

    Am planning to buy a battery for my vehicle and the first question on my mind is, “ubl or chloride exide?”

  3. Nabende Sudi says:

    I believed that when you change acid the battery is reborn
    I have heard from many
    Please, confirm for us
    Should we throw away battery when they retire

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