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Premium Quality Solar System Powered by LiFePO4 Batteries

 Lithium solar batteries outperform the competition when it comes to storing energy for a solar system. They’re more efficient, charge faster, require no maintenance, and last substantially longer,upto 15 years.

System Lifespan
High efficiency
Higher depth of discharge
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Testimonies from Institutional stove Users

Read the story of Mrs. Maneno from AFFCAD school

Moving from a 3 stone fire traditional stove to a solar aided stove.

The industry's gold standard for modern clean hybrid cooking solutions in Uganda.

The All New Eco Design of domestic solar aided kitchens with 80% efficiency and lifetime durability are designed for a clean cooking experience, Faster cooking and efficient biomass consumption.

Solar Aided Stove.

Powerful. Colorful. Wonderful.

The Best and Most Affordable Cooking Solutions in Uganda For Every Cooking Need, There’s An Eco Kitchen at an appropriate cost.

Generations ahead of any other Biomass Stove

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